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Reallife Appliances is a leading name in the Cooler & Almirah Insect Killer industry due to its commitment to ensuring the creation and delivery of the very best products, each time, every time. A matter of pride for us is our acquisition of ISO 900 I : 2008 certified company.

Though we have served clients from more than I 45 cities already, we are eager to serve more. Our capabilities can be assessed by the fact that we own a manufacturing area of 14,000 square feet. It clearly proves that no order is too big for us.

At Reallife Appliances every client is equally important and so are their requirements. Hence, the design team pays close attention to every detail to ensure that client expectations are not only met but exceeded every time. Consistent performance and improvement is also our goal, so the R&D team works diligently to innovate and create breathtaking solutions that not only look good but are efficient in day to day use as well.

Once a client places his trust in us, we never disappoint and this has been proven time and again by our skilled team by retaining old customers since years while constantly acquiring new ones.


This feature sets us apart from our competitors. A fast service means that you can be rest assured that healthy, safe drinking water is not far away. Our professional customer service agents will be able to answer any in-depth queries or questions you may have, assuring you that the Sujata Water Purifier is the best in the market.

Our Vision

our visions is to always provide the best in customer service. We do not only promising for the best quality, also we try to give you full customer support while you facing any problem or required any service. We do not believe to irritate the customer through visiting again and again for services.

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Our Quality?

Our product name has become most popular and acceptable among the people because of outstanding quality products and uncompromising components.